1. The aim of the Institute is to promote and develop the Afghan educational system and support innovation in the material and spiritual fields of education in the country.
2. The financial resources of the Institute solely depend on membership fees, the support of public and non-governmental institutions.
3. The Institute is not affiliated to any political organization or group ; therefore, it does not accept any assistance from such parties.
4. The establishment of a school in Afghanistan can be done under the supervision of the Institute, in accordance with internationally accepted guidelines. These, together with publications and information activities, can be shared with schools and other educational institutions.
5. The school established under the supervision of the Institute, is an independent and non-profit entity. Its priority is to help the children who do not have educational opportunities in order to reduce illiteracy in our society.
6. The Institute seeks to provide and develop new scientific and educational resources and practices, and always share them with other educational institutions.
7. The Institute cooperates with other similar institutions working in the education sector both in Finland and Afghanistan.
8. The Institute provides new teaching methods based on internationally approved standards for schools.
9. The Institute achieves its goals by setting up national and international meetings, organising seminars and creating shortterm and long-term courses.
10. The Institute can establish a school health programme for the children, and communicate health information to the learners to pass it on to their parents and their community. The programme includes an accurate and timely diagnosis of diseases.
11. The Institute encourages art initiatives that favour creativity and innovation in the chidren.
12. It is compulsory for the future members to accept the goals and the programmes of the Institute. The applications will be submitted to the board members who are entitled to either accept or reject an application. Every member is obliged to pay the membership fees. In case of non-payment, the membership will be cancelled. The fee is solely used to cover the students’ expenses.